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Transpersonal, Transpsyche?

Questioner: Psychology is concerned with human behavior. Transpersonal psychologists are simply concerned with the behavior of the mystics in the world; they inquire into how the human's behavior is animated by nondual consciousness. Transpersonal does not mean transpsyche. Am I off with this?

Shunyamurti's Reply: Your question contains a confusion. Consciousness is not the same as the True Self. The Real Self, or Atman, is never born, and never dies, thus it need not return anywhere. It is the Origin. But our consciousness, qua ego or soul, does undergo a journey into what the Tibetan Buddhists call bardo states after death. The itinerary of the journey is different for every soul, however. Only when liberation from the illusion of ego and soul has been achieved during life can the consciousness realize Oneness with the Origin, or the Absolute.
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