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Transpersonal Psychology and Self-realization

Questioner: [Paraphrasing a line from the teaching, "Transpersonal Psychology":] "When you get transpersonal you are transpsychological" -- nah. That is true of the psychology you talk about, but it's not true of all psychology. Many psychologies do teach disidentification, which is why they call themselves transpersonal. Transpersonal psychologists would agree with what you say about identification with a construct. It's pretty easy to say "psychology has nothing to do with spirituality" if you then ignore all the psychology that contradicts what you're saying.

Shunyamurti's Reply: Disidentification is not the same as Self-realization. The transpersonal psychologies you speak of remain within the triputis, the naïve common sense structure of knower, knowing, and known. They do not question the reality of the world or the individual, only the symbolic structuring of the individual psyche. The premise of being a psyche within a world remains unexamined. That is why they are called psychologies, and they grant themselves the right to diagnose other people's psychological states. Their common ground is the very paradigm that nonduality questions. The Advaita path requires piercing through the pseudo-reality of a world or an individual psyche, regardless of whether it is a psyche identified with particular signifiers or not. It still remains a speaking subject. And Advaita requires not only a theoretical transcendence, as many psychologists settle for, but a one-way ticket to the Absolute. The stakes are infinitely greater.
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