Sat Yoga Question and Answer, from September Sadhak Empowerment Retreat - Part 2



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Shunyamurti, from the Sat Yoga community, answers questions on life and the ego.

1.Sometimes even the small things bring me great distress and suffering. How do I deal with these problems?
2.How does anxiety relate to the death drive?
3.Why does it feel like, after realizing my suffering, pain increases?
4.For one day, I managed to get out of my everyday suffering, so how do I get back there?
5.Question: Why does the ego operate against its own interest?
Shunyamurti: Because its pleasures lead to pain and suffering.
Q: But does the ego not want pain and suffering in order to exist?
6.You once said that every negative relationship that you have had with someone you hurt must be repaired in order to stay loyal to the source.
7.If a closed heart can lead to heart attack, would there be a difference between a broken heart and one that refuses to open?
8.How do we deal with our daily tasks when we know it is taking time from spiritual practice, for example mediation?
9.Is it necessary to have rules and regulations even within a spiritual community?
10.Do we all have a collective unconscious?
11.How can this be a dream when it all feels so real?
12.Why are we acting like this world is real when it is illusion; for example, why help nature?
13.Is it possible to apply more of what I now consider as "unreal" into my understanding of what is real?

Recorded on the afternoon of Sunday, September 25, 2011.

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