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The Sat Yoga Institute is a universalist non-sectarian and non-profit school for advanced studies in the transformation of consciousness, which is the original meaning of Yoga. Our school’s urban campus is located in Escazú, a suburb of San Jose, Costa Rica.

The Sat Yoga Ashram and Spiritual Retreat Center is our rural component. Located on the peaceful, remote, and sacred land of Arunachala, in the mountains of southern Costa Rica, our ashram is still under construction, but is already open and hosting monthly retreats for spiritual seekers from around the world. Click to read more...
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Student Housing Fundraising Campaign

The Sat Yoga Ashram is a refuge in a time of global transition, a world center for the development of a higher consciousness, for the unfolding of a spiritual and cultural renaissance.

We have reached a key moment in achieving our vision - building a home for our core students, teachers, volunteers, and future visitors, the foundation of this vision. You can help.

Sat Yoga 2014 Retreats

Realize your inherent power of creative freedom, joy, and fulfillment - through the simple experience of Absolute Presence!

Sat Yoga Retreat Center Now Open!

In the pristine mountains of Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast, the Sat Yoga Ashram awaits your arrival. Our idyllic spiritual retreat center on the sacred land of Arunachala (named for the holy mountain where the great sage Ramana Maharshi lived and taught) is now open to serve you.

Sat Yoga´s Eco-Village
Sat Yoga´s Eco-Village is being developed in Costa Rica as a planned, intentional community of people who wish to live near an ashram—a meditation and spiritual retreat center—and participate in the vibrancy of its spiritual and cultural richness, but not be fully immersed in the absolute simplicity and purity of an ashramite's lifestyle.

Sat Yoga Ashram Retreats

The Sat Yoga Ashram and Retreat Center is a dream that has been ten years in the making. We have been growing our spiritual community here in Costa Rica for all that time. But only now are we ready to make our insights, our meditative practices, our vision, our philosophy, and our shakti-filled energy field available on a larger scale to visitors, spiritual seekers, and potential new community members.

Sat Yoga Teaching Library

The Sat Yoga Institute offers a myriad of free teaching resources available to all who are interested in Sat Yoga and its sacred path towards Absolute Freedom and Delight! These resources include wisdom book publications, teaching essays, spiritual questions & answers, audio podcasts, and video lectures of Shunyamurti. Please feel free to subscribe to our teaching newsletter if you wish to receive updates on new teachings and upcoming sangha events.

Sat Yoga´s 1st Publication!

Like alcoholics at a twelve-step meeting, we must admit the truth: existence has become unmanageable for the human species. At every level, from individual emotional stability to couple and family relationships to global politics, life is in deadlock. There is no solution to our problems—or even the possibility to will a solution—so long as human consciousness remains at its current level of incomplete development.

Spiritual Quote of the Month

“God is working mysteriously, subtly, to restore our lost paradise. A new world of divine beauty is being born. And we are invited to purify our souls so that we may be present at the Creation.”

-- Shunyamurti

How to Join Sat Yoga

If you are living in Costa Rica: Call for an orientation and come for a satsang or our free classes.

If you are living anywhere else, we suggest you do the following:

Read The Transformational Imperative, by Shunyamurti;
Watch the videos, listen to the audio teachings, and read the posted essays;
Come to visit our urban center and stay for a spiritual retreat at the Sat Yoga Ashram. 
You may decide to move here and join our community!

Stay In Touch!

Joining our mailing list is the best way to stay in touch with us, and to receive valuable resources to support you on your path. Subscribe to gain access to the latest teachings from Shunyamurti, essays, recordings and videos, as well as regular news about our events, sent directly to your inbox.

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Most Recent Essays of Shunyamurti

  • The Rise of the Paradoxshram
    We are at the cusp between an age that is dying and a new one that is being born. In the increasingly critical fermentation of a rotting economy mulching with a devastated ecology, human mastery has become a joke. The crown of creation has lost its credibility.

    There are those who still desperately dive into ditches of denial, while others even more desperately attempt to keep the chaos under control. But those who are honest confess the hopelessness, the impotence, even the impossibility of it all. And yet all the while, revolutionary shifts are occurring under the malfunctioning radar screen. We are witnessing the rise of new social forms and new spiritual capacities.

    Written on Tuesday, 05 November 2013 20:35

  • The Virtue of Constraction
    An advanced student of Sat Yoga recently invented a new and subtle concept of great universal relevance, and I feel the need to share this with y’all.

    It is the concept of constraction. Many of you may not realize that you are experiencing constraction, because it is often a state that appears as a compaction, rather than being open to introspection. But as the term indicates, it represents a multi-leveled consciousness that seemingly consists, at first glance, only of the elements of constriction and distraction. This produces an emotional reaction of contraction and restriction, leading to constraint and frustration.

    Written on Tuesday, 05 November 2013 15:36

  • Five Mystical Ecstatic Openings: Dead Mind Treatment
    The great and supremely liberated sage Sri Ramana Maharshi taught that “tranquility is not experienced except by inner harmony, and inner harmony will only exist for those who have a dead mind.” He adds: “Those whose minds have dived deep and died in that fullness of pure consciousness and supreme grace will not suffer and lament in the false life of duality that is an imaginary appearance within it.”

    Sat Yoga brings about the death of the ego mind through five mystical ecstatic openings. These are the sensuous opening, the emotional opening, the cognitive opening, the intuitive opening, and the transcendental opening.

    Written on Tuesday, 01 October 2013 11:13

Audio Podcasts

Weekly audio recordings of priceless spiritual Sat Yoga teachings of Shunyamurti, the founder and research director of the Sat Yoga Institute in Costa Rica.
  • You Choose Your Destiny – 02.10.15
    Excerpt: ”Sri Ramana says that happiness is inherent to the human being. Inherent to the human being that has realized its True Self. But the human being, unlike other creatures, is capable of living in a false self. And that false self entails unhappiness, vexation, suffering,...
  • Kumbha Mela: Bathe in the Waters of Surrender – 02.15.15
    Excerpt: “The core myth that unites all the people of India is expressed in a rite that is referred to as the Kumbha Mela. And a Kumbha Mela, which minor versions happen every twelve years and more major ones every fifty and then there are the...
  • Reading the Book of the Universe – 02.07.15
    Excerpt: “The human essence is that of a reader – because to read accurately is to set yourself free. All we do, constantly, in every moment, is to read; but do we understand what it means to read? We do not just read books, we read...

Video Teachings

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Student Question: The world seems so real, how can it be only in my imagination?
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Excerpt: ”We offer here not a twelve-step program, not even a one-step program. This is the world’s only zero-step program, which makes it the...
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Student Question: How do I affect my karma?

Spiritual Questions & Answers

If you would like to ask Shunyamurti a question related to your spiritual path or tranformational process, and give us permission to share it with other online readers, we invite you to send your question to

  • Doubt
    Questioner: One of my biggest obstacles is doubt. How do you resolve doubt and how does it originate?

    Written on Monday, 22 September 2014 12:06

  • The Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life

    Shunyamurti: Symbols can help you practically to live your life at the highest level of sensitivity to the Will of God. Recall, for example, that the Cross on which Yeshua (the ego) is crucified is also the Bodhi Tree, meditating under which Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment/Buddhahood. In other words, the cause of your suffering becomes the cause of your liberation.

    The Cross is also Holy Rood, the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. This equivalence contains the same message: the ego must die for its sins, but it dies into eternal life and bliss.

    Written on Thursday, 04 September 2014 12:55

  • To Whom Does the Ego Belong?

    Questioner: It is not the ego per se. It is the identity in the ego. You say "*your* ego" in the comment; so to whom does the ego belong to?

    Written on Wednesday, 11 June 2014 10:38


  • There are many gifts from God in this Life, whether we are able to see them or not in our state of mind. I believe they are all known in our true state of Being; in fact, I believe that when one is able to Be in Truth, one can come to see absolutely ALL as a blessing.

    Written on Tuesday, 11 December 2012 13:49 in Testimonials

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